The Experience


Avenue S

Avenue S offers a more unique, personalized experience. Each room hosts its own hydrotherapy hot tub and patrons are provided with tea and a light snack after their service.


Bar and Drinks

For guests who are 21+, Spa Castle offers both walk and swim up bars where guests can order a delicious cocktail or drink to sip on while enjoying the rest of our amenities.

FAQs and Our Policies

General FAQs

What is the check-in process?2019-07-05T09:36:47-04:00

First-time guests will be asked to fill out forms to ensure a pleasant and relaxing visit at Spa Castle. After paying for admission and filling out these forms, guests will receive a wristband to make electronic purchases with and access the locker rooms. In the locker room area, guests will receive a uniform to change into and have access to the rest of the facility. (All transactions made with the wristband will be paid for at check-out. )

Is there an age limit?2019-06-27T13:34:25-04:00

Spa Castle New York and Spa Castle Texas do not have age limits. However, Premier57 has a specific admissions age policy.

Can I buy my general admission ticket in advance?2019-06-27T13:35:50-04:00

Yes, general admission tickets may be purchased online at our individual location websites.

What do I need to bring beforehand?2019-06-27T11:34:18-04:00

Visitors are encouraged to bring a swimsuit. Towels and bathrobes are provided.

What is included in the general admission ticket?2019-06-27T13:32:08-04:00

Visitors will have full access to our facilities saunas, pool areas, baths, lounges and locker room. Massages, spa treatments, food and beverages require separate purchases.

What is the cost of general admission?2019-06-27T11:30:03-04:00

Entry fees vary upon each location. Please refer to our individual location websites for more information.

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  • For the comfort of all guests, Spa Castle does not allow any form of public displays of affection, including but not limited to hugging, kissing, touching, sitting on laps, etc.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising and accompanying anyone under the age of 21

Cell Phones

  • Refrain from cell phone use inside the saunas, in our quiet sleeping areas, and service departments
  • Be respectful and aware of your surroundings and those around you

Alcohol & Smoking

  • Spa Castle is a smoke-free environment
  • NO electronic cigarettes are permitted
  • No alcohol is to be brought on the property for any reason
  • Spa Castle holds a No Tolerance policy against Under-age drinking and drunk behavior

*a more detailed policy list can be found on our separate location websites.